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The Interview Follow-Up Call: What to Say

You know you should make a follow-up call to inquire on the status of your candidacy. The interviewer told you the decision would be made by a certain date and that date has passed. The interview said, "Feel free to call me with questions." You have the number. So, why don't you call? Maybe it is the fear of rejection. Perhaps you don't have the right words. The following are two example scripts that you may use as inspiration for your follow-up call.

Example Script One:

Hello Ms. Pinto. This is Robin Forsythe. We had a meeting on March 14th to discuss the Data Analyst position.

(Hello Robin.)

I am calling to offer any further information to assist in your selection process.

(No, Robin. We have all we need. We are close to a decision and will be in touch soon.)

Thank you. I look forward to your decision.

Example Script Two:

Hello Ms. Pinto. This is Robin Forsythe. We had a meeting on March 14th.

(Hello Robin. I planned to call you today to thank you for your interest and let you know we hired another candidate.)

Thank you, Ms. Pinto. Would you consider retaining my resume for future opportunities?

(Yes, Robin. We will keep your information on file and please apply again for future positions.)

Thank you. I will do that. I wish you all the best.

(Thank you.)

These are scripts are only guidelines. Choose the words that are comfortable for you and let the conversation unfold as it will. Avoid calling on Mondays as that is the busiest day for incoming calls for many people. Make the call in the right setting, where you have privacy and a quiet background. Be courteous of the other person's time. It is one thing to be assertive and quite another to be an annoyance.

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