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What to Expect When Working with a Resume Writer





Your prior resume or listing of work history is just the beginning.  Your writer will also ask questions to gain understanding of your career goal. As your professional resume writer, I will create brainstorming questions to help uncover accomplishments, skills, and knowledge relevant to your career goal.  Next, you may choose to email the answers or schedule a consultation call to review the answers.  It is your choice.  In some cases, follow-up questions are asked to probe ever deeper.


Collaboration is important to uncover your unique values based on your career goal.  Only you know what you did above and beyond the basic job duties to excel in your past positions.  Through almost fifteen years of resume writing experience, I know what information is most compelling to the reader.


Phone Interaction


Many clients prefer to interact entirely via email. However, a consultation call is included in every project. In most cases, this is a half-hour to an hour call to discuss your career goals and expectations for the project.   This is also a great chance to discuss any particular challenges or concerns about the job search. Every candidate faces a challenge.  It’s important to talk about those challenges so the writer can create an effective strategy. 


Turnaround Time


It takes time to create a quality resume.  The average turnaround time for the first draft resume is six business days.  In busier times, this may extend to seven or eight days.  After that we begin the editing phases.  I turn around each round of edits within 24 hours of receiving editing feedback.  We work through up to three rounds of edits over a thirty-day period. However, if you have extenuating circumstances and need a few more days to share your editing comments, please ask your writer.


Package Components


We create a complete package to support an effective job search campaign.  All of your documents will be consistent in appearance and language to support your professional brand.  Review the package components, but don’t forget the add-ons.  Each career is different. One client may need to add a transaction list to their package and another client may need a bio.  If you have two possible career goals, you may need a second resume and cover letter so you have a laser-focused resume for each goal.  Select from the add-on list should you wnat to supplement your package with additional services.


When you receive your documents, you will have a set of valuable marketing tools.  More than that,we hope the process will help you affirm your career goal, understand the unique values that you offer an employer, and inspire you to succeed.

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