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The Process


The process is simple. The results are outstanding!    Here's how we work together, step by step.  At any point in the process, we welcome your questions and input.

Professional Resume Writer
Step 1. Call or Email Us


Email or talk to me about your goal. I'll share a strategy and solution based on your career history and your goal. I will submit an invoice. We use PayPal for payment because it is one of the most popular and secure payment methods.  After you submit your payment, you will receive a confirmation with details of next steps.

Step 2. Information Gathering


If you have examples of job postings that describe your target job, I'd love to see that. I will ask key questions to gather details of accomplishments to support your goal.


We can discuss those answers via phone or you can send them to us by email - whichever way is easier for you. 

Step 3. First Draft


Now that we have your history and, we get to work!  We'll create a first draft in MS Word. We'll let you know the turnaround time.  Generally it takes 6 to 8 business days to create the first draft.  This is a first draft.  We encourage feedback as we create second and third drafts, working our way to the ultimate final draft. You may email or fax us for a quick turnaround of your editing requests. 

Step 4. Editing & Final Document Set


We encourage your feedback!  We complete each revised draft within 1 to 2 business days.  We create up to three rounds of edits. The entire editing period is up to 30 days following delivery of the first draft. Upon reaching a final draft resume (MS Word, PDF, and plain text formats) we create the remaining documents in the package, including the LinkedIn profile language.

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