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Take the LinkedIn Photo Quiz: How Do You Score?

Tamara Dowling

While checking out the latest posts on LinkedIn, I saw an astounding photo of a man in a costume. Well, I can only hope this was some sort of 1850s type costume and not his version of business attire. Then I started to review a series of photos. Of the bad photos, I saw a woman in a bikini top with a margarita, a cute cat cartoon, a man with an angry expression, and another woman who looked like she just finished a hike. Of course there were many other photos that were excellent.

Take our quiz to assess your LinkedIn profile photo!

  • Give yourself 2 points if your photo was taken by a professional photographer.

  • Add 2 points if your photo is a headshot, meaning just your face and shoulders.

  • Subtract 5 points if you are using a webcam shot or a mirror selfie!

  • Add 2 points if you comply with LinkedIn's technical requirements.

  • Subtract 2 points if you are not facing the camera.

  • Subtract 5 points if you are topless, strapless, or in a swim suit.

  • Add 3 points for having a natural or solid color background.

  • Subtract 5 points if you are using a vacation photo or a vanity photo in front of a sports car/boat.

  • Subtract 5 points for including pets, children, and significant others in your photo.

  • Add 3 points for wearing a business suit business casual top.

  • Add 3 points for natural and flattering make-up.

  • Add 3 points for not wearing a sports cap.

  • Are you smiling and facing the camera? If so, add 5 points.

  • Was your photo taken within the last 5 years, add 2 points.

Did you score more than 17 points? Great! If you fell a bit short, it might be time to update your photo. When people visit your LinkedIn page, their eyes inevitably drift to your photo. Make your photo eye-catching and memorable for the right reasons. If you would like help updating your LinkedIn profile, contact me. I would be happy to help.


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