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Top 3 musts for job hunters who have not had to look for a job in recent years

The following are the top 3 musts for job hunters who have not had to look for a job in recent years:

1. Creating (or updating) your LinkedIn profile is a must. There are various tutorials available on how to create and manage your profile, ask for recommendations, upload project work and videos, and highlight your work history. Including a professional picture is most important. LinkedIn profiles with photos receive 50-70% more inquiries than those profiles without a picture! This is a great place to start developing your personal brand. 2. Know what type of work you want and where you want it. Understanding what you want in the next stage of your career is key. Do you want to continue working in the same industry using your current skill set? Or do you want to change direction and pursue a different path? What types of opportunities and companies are you exploring? There are tons of on-line resources and social media outlets available for researching job openings and learning more about various organizations. 3. Networking to find your next career opportunity is still crucial. Whether you are joining professional groups on-line or in-person, reaching out to your school alumni associations, volunteering in your community, or discussing your search with friends and family, everybody knows somebody (who knows somebody) that can connect you to the right person to speak with at your ideal place to work. Written by Jennifer Malach, Founder of 20/20 Career Solutions, is a Career Management and Leadership Coach. She has her Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 20 years experience in recruiting leadership, training, coaching, mentoring and managing teams.

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