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Same Job for Long Time? Try These Five Resume Tips for a Change.

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There is an abundance of advice for job hoppers online. What about the candidate who has been in the same job for a decade or more? This type of career history could create an impression of someone who has not grown in their career or dislikes change. Today I will share five resume tactics to overcome that impression and position yourself for a new job.

List Top Accomplishments to Show Career Progression

Ten years in the same position does not mean that you have not grown in that position. Brainstorm for major accomplishments, particularly those in recent years. Numbers help so dig up statistics on revenue growth, cost savings, market share gains, quality improvements, cases closed, or whatever metrics define success in your field. Below are some categories of accomplishments to consider:

  • Ways you have impacted the bottom line, making or saving money.

  • Major projects, especially those involving departments beyond yours.

  • Key clients you recruited, engaged, or managed.

  • Big problems that you solved.

  • Impressive innovations.

Provide a Breakdown of Your Role

It is also important to show an increase in authority. Maybe the reason you have had the same title for many years is because your employer does not recognize an employee’s upward career trajectory with titles, such as junior analyst, analyst, senior analyst. A senior analyst at your firm may supervise a couple of employees and handle high-value customer engagements. At another firm a person doing those same responsibilities may be called a manager or senior manager. You can’t give yourself a new title. You can show this progression by adding bullet points with major promotions with your title, such as:

  • Selected to manage all national accounts in 2016, increasing my P&L responsibility from $14 million to $26 million.

  • Assumed leadership of the compliance team and oversaw all federal reporting as of 2016.

  • Expanded sales coverage in 2016 to include the Midwest and West Coast, which represented 42% of sales.

Showcase Work Beyond Your Primary Job

If you have been at your employer for a decade, you are surely a resource. Uncover accomplishments that demonstrate that you are respected by leadership as an expert and also that you are interested in stretching beyond your primary responsibilities. The following are a few examples:

  • Called upon to be a corporate host for VIPs or clients.

  • Conducted training workshops.

  • Provided input for new software or organizational changes.

  • Served on corporate committees or special task forces.

Include Examples of Leadership

You may be on the hunt for a new job because you been in the same position for years and you are ready for a higher level of authority. If this is the case, proving that you have experience leading people, managing resources, and devising plans is important. Look within and outside your professional experience for leadership experience. Here are a few examples for inspiration:

  • Philanthropic roles, leading events or programs.

  • Serving as an officer or committee member in professional or civic organizations.

  • Managing projects or programs within your company.

Customize your resume for each of your job targets.

Review the posting for your target job to identify the requirements. Prove you meet those requirements throughout your resume, particularly in the profile and areas of strength sections. Load those sections with keywords so your resume scores higher when scanned by ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). When written well those sections put your entire resume within context relative to your target job. Here are a few quick reminders for tailoring your resume:

  • In the profile section, write about your top values aligned with your target job.

  • Select nine keywords for the areas of strength section.

  • If you are a recent graduate, list relevant courses beneath your degree to earn more keyword hits.

  • Add bullets of accomplishments to bolster your candidacy for your target job.

If you are concerned about a long stay in the same position, use the above techniques to position yourself for a change. Keep in mind that these same tactics could be used when applying for a new position within your current employer too.

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