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Keywords That You Should Add to Your Resume

A targeted resume, aligned with a particular job or job type, is more effective than a one-fits-all resume. One tactic to tailor your resume for a job opportunity is to integrate relevant keywords. How do you determine the top keywords? What is the best spot for keywords? The following steps and graphic explain the simple steps for customizing your resume.

Some candidates may say that it will require hours of additional time to create targeted resumes. If you know the right tactics, it will only require fifteen minutes to tailor your resume for a specific job opportunity.

  1. Review the job posting. Identify the key requirements. I like to copy the posting and paste it into a Microsoft Word document, then highlight the key requirements in yellow using Word’s highlighter tool.

  2. If you have that required skill, integrate those keywords into the Areas of Expertise (AKA Core Competencies or Areas of Strength).

  3. The keywords can help your resume to score higher when reviewed by the employer’s ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). The higher you score, the better your chances are for an interview invitation.

  4. Nine is the ideal number of keywords on your resume. Twelve is the maximum, if you want the reader to review your list thoroughly. If you show more than twelve the reader tends to skip over words.

  5. Mirror the language of the hiring employer. If the employer uses the term Digital Marketing in the posting, use that term. If they say Online Marketing, use that term instead.

The next time you see a job posting for an ideal position, use the custom keyword tactic.

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