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Get Your Resume Ready: Don’t Worry, It’s a Piece of Cake.

When is the last time you wrote a resume? Maybe it has been a few years and you want to be sure you know the latest techniques. Whether you are networking or cold calling, your resume should be contemporary. Perhaps the last time you wrote a resume, ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) was not as common. Now it is mainstream and a definite factor in resume writing. Also, you want to leverage the latest tactics so your resume scores high when assessed by a computer or a person.

It’s a piece of cake. Let’s break it down:

> Customized

> ATS Friendly

> Keyword Rich

> Examples of Accomplishments


According to a recent survey, 63% of the 2,153 hiring and human resource managers said that customizing a resume for their open position is important. It is simple to customize your resume. Read the job posting and highlight major duties and requirements. If you are aiming at a cold target (no posting), conduct online research to define requirements for your target job. Sources for this information include job sites, such as Also visit LinkedIn to uncover job postings and to view profiles of candidates who currently hold the job you are seeking. Update your resume and areas of expertise section to include your top selling points relevant to the target job.

ATS Friendly

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software app to facilitate the candidate selection process for employers and recruiters. The system screens, ranks, and tracks candidates. The system's actions are based on criteria set by the hiring employer or recruiter. Systems also generate emails with pre-screening questions, tracks responses, and can submit interview invitations. ATS is so affordable and accessible that even small employers have ATS. Check out our recent infographic for the latest on ATS dos and don’ts.

Keyword Rich

Speaking of ATS, keywords are king. ATS can identify keywords to predict which candidates are qualified. Not only computers like keywords. Employers are looking for a match, so matching your skills and experience to their requirements is critical. Your opening profile and areas of expertise sections are idea for housing your keywords and you can easily customize them for each posting. Don’t stop there, include keywords in your professional experience and technical skills inventory sections.

Examples of Accomplishments

If you are in a competitive job search, a simple listing of your job titles and functions may not be enough to gain the target employer’s attention. Resumes are no longer a chronology of your duties and responsibilities. Take time to uncover accomplishments and whenever possible, include a measured outcome. Try the CAR model: Challenge – Action – Result. Examples might be times when you increased revenue, reduced costs, improved quality, decrease turnaround time, and increased efficiency or productivity. The best indicator of future success is past performance. Take your resume to the next level by uncovering achievements to prove that you are a strong candidate.

Use the C-A-K-E technique to update your resume!

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