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Three Steps to Gain More Interviews

Clients often ask me, “How can I get more interviews?” The answer is simple, but the process not always easy. There is no magic pill. The best way to an interview is through the backdoor. Candidate sourcing surveys over the years state that the overwhelming majority of candidates earn their interview through a connection. Last week I saw a chart showing that 80% of candidates were sourced through a referral or a referral was a factor. Today I’ll share three ways to boost your interview rate.

1.) The first step is to conduct an honest assessment of your skills, education, and experience. Target positions for which you are at least 75% qualified. Of course, some requirements may be deal breakers, such as a specialized degree, license, or key technical ability. If you are a good match for the job, you will have better success than a situation of applying for long-shots.

2.) Now that you have a realistic target, you can take the next step. Create your LinkedIn profile page and complete all categories. Engage with your network. Build your network of connections within your industry and beyond. Join groups related to your goal and interact with other members, tossing out a “like” when it is appropriate. Follow employers that you are targeting.

3.) Launch a personal networking campaign and make it a career-long personal networking lifestyle. This does not mean contacting everyone that you know for a favor. It means connecting or re-connecting with others to listen and learn. Periodically offer a resource and be there to help when asked. Think of this network as a professional community in which you are looking out for each other. Without being a demanding, inform your network of your goals. Together you help each other to find the backdoors and short-cuts to success.

Did you notice that I did not mention the resume? It is important to have a well-written resume, which is aligned with your goal, rich with keywords, appealing, and ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) friendly. However, the resume is just one factor in your job search. You need it even when networking. However, networking is the secret sauce when it comes to landing more interviews.

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