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Tackling the Tech Job Search

Tackling the Tech Job Search: Tactics for Anyone, From Analyst to Exec is now available. Why write a book especially for the tech candidate? Because at any stage and in any area of specialty, the fact is, the technology job search is different.

Based on 17 years of helping people make an impression with a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile, I wrote this book just for the technology crowd. This is a toolkit with the things you need to know in a technology job search. It’s a simple read and a good first step in your job search. Maybe you will read tactics that you have heard before. Nonetheless, they are worthy of a reminder. It’s a useful guide whether you are a C coder or in the C-suite.

The book covers:

> Tips for a Winning Resume Strategy

> Foundations of a Compelling Cover Letter

> Suggestions for Overcoming a Career Challenge

> Interviewing Advice & Sample Questions

> Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

There's no need to stress over your job search, when you have a simple guide to follow. Hop on amazon and check it out.

We are giving this guide to all of our Gold & Platinum Service clients in August.

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