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Interview with Purpose

Through seventeen years of helping professionals with their job searching, I have noticed common behavior. Candidates often do the right thing by networking to earn a prized interview. They exit the interview with the feeling that they "blew" a terrific opportunity. Sometimes, this is just a case of self-doubt. Other times, it is because the candidate was a great match, but did not present a strong case. That’s why I penned a brief guide to help you to interview with purpose. You may learn something new or perhaps it will serve a refresher on how to address a few common interview questions.

For a limited time, if you ask us, we will be happy to include a copy of this paperback with any of our writing packages. If you purchased our services in the past and would like this guide, write me and I will have a copy sent to you. (Shipping fees may apply for clients outside of the U.S.)

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