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Working with a Career Coach

Career coaches can help you to develop new skills and address personal matters so you can move forward in your career. Their role is not to “fix” issues or tell you what to do with your career. A good coach provides the tools to help you take control of your career. Some people work with coaches for one or two sessions to assist them with an immediate issue, such as interview preparation. Others work with a coach over a period of weeks to work through a challenging career transition. Many clients visit their coach through the stages of their career, including career development, changes, and progression to senior leadership roles.

Coaches are trained to provide people with tools and resources. They also help people to assess their strengths and understand what satisfies and motivates them professionally. Coaches are skilled at helping their clients to recognize patterns of behavior and address those patterns. Do you ever feel “stuck” in a job or career, yet you don’t know how to make a change? That is an indication that you might benefit from a career coach.

Coaching services are available in a variety of settings. You can work individually with a coach by arranging a session or a series of sessions. Another more cost effective way is to join a group led by a coach. A coach will often arrange a group of clients focusing on a similar theme for a set number of sessions. If you are hesitant about the concept of coaching, attend a workshop with a larger audience. In a workshop setting, you can become acclimated with some of the topics and may decide to try individual or group coaching subsequently.

The coach is not a magician who mystically transforms you. You will be required to work through the process. Often you will be given assignments to complete between sessions to help you explore your career history and establish a path going forward. The good news is that with a coach, you don’t have to step into the unknown alone. You have a knowledgeable guide who is trained to listen to you and support you to make informed decisions and take positive steps on your career journey.

If you are struggling to define a career goal, changing careers, or returning to the workforce after an extended break, you may wish to engage a career coach. If a coach is what you need to assist with career planning or interview practice, I would be happy to point you to an excellent resource. Click here to write me.

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