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Five Ways to Increase Your Job Search Luck

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m not Irish, but, I know a few things about job search luck. In the spirit of the festive St. Patrick's Day holiday, here are my top five suggestions for increasing your job search luck.

Get Found on LinkedIn

Part of luck is being in the right place at the right time. The right place to be during a job hunt is LinkedIn. Did you know that 93% of recruiters scrutinize a candidate’s LinkedIn profile when before selecting candidates to present to a client? That is the news according to a recent LinkedIn survey of 4,000 recruiters.

It’s not enough to have a skeletal presence. The way to get found on LinkedIn is to have a complete profile. Just as you do on your resume, show actual examples of accomplishments with measured results. As you complete your content, strategically integrate keywords to help you get found when recruiters perform a search using LinkedIn’s talent sourcing apps. It’s important to list keywords in the “Skills” section, but, don’t stop there. Keywords should be included in your “Summary” and “Experience” sections as well.

Uncover Golden Opportunities

If your job search research consists of checking the latest posts online, you are missing opportunities. What you see on job sites is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many positions unadvertised. These unadvertised positions might include a stealth search for key roles, internal postings, and future openings. You can find leads at professional events, social media feeds, industry sites/blogs, and business/industry news outlets. Don’t forget personal networking to glean news regarding upcoming opportunities.

Be a Resource to Colleagues

You may have heard the expression, “One good turn deserves another.” Nothing creates good fortune like being a good friend to others. If you take the time to be a resource to others, they are more likely to be a resource for you. They may even think of you when they hear of a terrific new opportunity.

Find Ways to Standout

Another way to improve your luck is to stand out from the crowd. First, cover the basics by crafting a top-notch professional resume and LinkedIn profile page. Next, stand out by being active in industry groups, blogging on your professional area of expertise, public speaking, and offering your professional skills to a charity. By extending your brand and increasing your exposure, you will be noticed.

Increase Your Odds

The odds can be brutal in a job search. It is not uncommon for the odds to be one-in-100 for a professional position. If you are seeking an internship at a top-tier bank, those odds might be as high as one-in-450. There are at least two ways to increase your odds. First: Develop yourself so that your skills, education, and accomplishments elevate you as a top candidate. That is not always enough. The second way to increase your odds is to apply for more positions within your reach. In other words, amplify your research, networking, and application rate.

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