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LinkedIn Tips - Getting in the Door of Your Target Employer

Do you ever feel as though the people with the connections have the advantage? It is true that candidates with an inside connection are more likely to get an interview. How would you like to make the right connections to get in the door of your target employer? Let’s explore one way to find and reach these connections via LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to Search for Insiders

LinkedIn is a forum to be found. It is also a forum to find and make connections. You probably knew that you could search for a certain individual on LinkedIn by taking the name into the LinkedIn search box. You may narrow your search results using criteria such as alma mater, location, or industry. You can refine your results by applying filters, which you can see on the left side of the results page. Select the down arrow icon that is on the right side of the category name. By clicking on the arrow, you can expand each category and show the checkboxes. Beneath a category's checkboxes you may enter an additional filter, such as company name.

Premium Search Options

You can conduct an effective search with the basic (free) LinkedIn account. However, members with a Premium account, have access to Premium search filter options. For example, you may search by function. LinkedIn uses individuals’ present titles to categorize each individual by standard functions. You may also search by total years of work history. If you are seeking senior members of an organization, you can search by current level of seniority.

Making Contact

Now that you have found LinkedIn members that work in your target organization, it’s time to make contact. While on the search results page, click on an individual's name to view the profile. Your next steps may be to send a message using LinkedIn or invite the individual to connect on LinkedIn.


If you are not ready to connect, you may choose to follow someone. To follow someone, you can click on a post written by that person, then click the yellow follow button in the top right. Following enables you to read what members are sharing publicly on LinkedIn on your LinkedIn home page. You can follow someone without being connected to them.

Finding and reaching connections can be the difference between no response and an interview invitation. Tap into your LinkedIn connections network. Expand your networking using LinkedIn search tools. If you use these tools wisely, you can build connections with insiders at your target employers.

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