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LinkedIn Limits

Are you aware of the current LinkedIn profile page character limitations? When creating and updating your LinkedIn profile, you must adhere to a minimum and maximum character count in each category. In other words, you are allocated a defined amount of space for each field. If you use your resume as a foundation for your LinkedIn content, you will find that in some areas, such as the “Summary” on LinkedIn, you may want to add more content on LinkedIn and in other sections you will need to reduce your resume content to meet the limitations on your LinkedIn profile.

If you are drafting your content in Microsoft Word, it is easy to measure your characters. Simply click on “Review” in the menu bar and next choose the “Word Count” icon. This will show you many facts, including word count, character count, and character count with spaces. On LinkedIn we are counting “characters with spaces” because letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces count as a character.

These are a few examples of the current character limitations.

Headline: 120 characters

Summary: 2,000 characters

Position Title: 100 characters

Position Description: 200 character minimum and 1,000 character maximum

If you have a question about your LinkedIn content, please feel free to ask me.


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