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Great Resumes Are Built on Great Ideas

Many times a client will ask me what makes a great resume. There are many elements of a great resume, such as keywords (so you are “found” during the ATS screening process), a sophisticated format, and the appropriate structure. However, content is king. To create a great resume, share details of your greatest accomplishments.

What many candidates do is contrary to what is most effective. They copy and paste job descriptions, stopping short of revealing how they excelled. They load the resume with so-called “power phrases.” In fact, most of the words that candidates think are powerful are actually clichés that are a turn-off to most astute hiring managers and HR professionals. This is good news for you! You have the chance to stand head and shoulders above the average candidate by writing a truly compelling resume.

What resonates with a reader are major accomplishments with measured results. When I work with you on your resume, I will ask you to share examples of how you:

  • Identified an Opportunity

  • Devised a Strategy

  • Executed the Plan

  • Achieved Measured Results

Beyond opportunities upon which you capitalized, we'll explore problems solved, innovations explored, territories expanded, critical transactions masterfully-executed, and goals that were surpassed.

I’ll review that information and I may return with a follow up question or two. I may ask for figures to quantify the scope or ask you to describe the situation before and after your strategy was implemented. I will re-package and rewrite the content in a manner that is compelling to a hiring manager or recruiter. We’ll lead with the result and complete the statement explaining what you did to achieve it. This creates a bulleted statement that sells you.

A great resume begins with great IDEAs. Let’s work together and we’ll uncover your IDEAs to build a terrific new resume.

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