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Job Action Day: Branding Tips for a Brand New Career

Are you exploring the option of a new career? Professionals in their fifties often have reached the heights in their career and may be ready for a new adventure, such as a brand new career. When planning a new career, examine your professional brand. If you are branded as “a finance guru” and you want to break into marketing, your brand could limit your opportunities. That’s why it is important to develop your brand to get ready for your brand new career.

Social Media & Blogging

Have you been intimidated at the thought of stepping into the blogosphere or becoming more active in social media? It’s time to set aside your concerns. Engaging in social media and blogging is a terrific way to build your brand for your new career.

  • Tip One: Update your social media profiles to reflect the skills, experience, and training that you have to support new goal.

  • Tip Two: Post articles on LinkedIn or your blog that demonstrate your knowledge and passion for your new field. If you feel you don’t have the expertise to write with authority, research current news in your field and share your analysis in your article or blog entry.

Consulting or Leadership Roles, Paid and Unpaid

Working in short-term paid roles or serving in a leadership role for a charity is a smart way to demonstrate your ability to perform tasks aligned with your new career goal. Not only will you hone your skills, you will meet new contacts and build experience that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Highlighting these accomplishments are definitely brand builders.

  • Tip One: Network with personal and professional contacts to uncover needs that you can fill on a part-time or short-term basis.

  • Tip Two: Find volunteer opportunities on websites, such as Volunteer Match.

Professional Associations & Certifications

The hallmark of a genuine professional is education, training, and professional affiliations. Identify industry associations with a membership and mission aligned with your new career goal. Associations offer numerous opportunities for development, news gathering, and networking. Your membership and certifications will demonstrate your industry knowledge and will strengthen your brand as a valuable professional.

  • Tip One: Take advantage of webinars, courses, and certification programs.

  • Tip Two: Virtual professional groups are also valuable. Don’t forget to join groups on LinkedIn.

Your brand is your image. It is how others perceive you. When making a career change, it is important to be the driver of your brand. In your fifties, give yourself the freedom to step boldly into a new career. With proper brand management, you can build a new brand and a bridge to your new career. For more career news for age 50+ careerists, visit the Job Action Day website.

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