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Trends: Skip the Resume and Share Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Each week I notice more hiring employers asking candidates to provide their LinkedIn URL as an alternative to the resume. In some cases, the hiring employer only wants to see the LinkedIn profile URL in the initial application phase of candidate selection. That's right - - you'll skip the resume and share your LinkedIn URL. In a case such as that, if you don’t have a strong, professional LinkedIn profile, you are out of the running for that position.

People have speculated for years, “Will the LinkedIn profile replace the resume?” The answer is that careerists will always need an effective marketing communiqué to catch the attention of prospective employers and showcase their value. The form of that message will evolve with the times. Today resumes are digital and stand on even ground with LinkedIn profiles. In the coming months or years, more employers may opt for the LinkedIn profile in place of the resume. This allows employers to see a broader picture of the candidate and sort the data using LinkedIn’s tools. For the candidate, the application process is simplified and can be done using a smart phone.

Just because LinkedIn is the requested method of job application does not mean you should invest less time in the writing and arrangement of your LinkedIn content. Today’s LinkedIn profile allows you the freedom to fill and arrange multiple sections to showcase your skills, accomplishments, education, interests, awards, and more. Make the most of every space you are allocated and don’t forget to include keywords. Keywords are critical on LinkedIn so that you are found by employers and selected for further consideration. Also, keep that profile current.

It is important to keep up with the times, if you want the interview invitation. The world is not reverting back to old ways for your sake; nor should it. Build a compelling LinkedIn profile aligned with the content of your resume. Don’t forget to pay attention to rest of your social media footprint, which may include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Additionally, take care to maintain your brand on blogs, websites, and other online entities on which elements of your brand are present.

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