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Think Like a Hiring Manager

Think Like a Hiring Manager

When writing your new resume, don’t fall in the trap of writing solely from your perspective. Instead, think like a hiring manager. Strive to present a resume that proves you meet the needs of the hiring employer and that you offer value that elevates you above the competition. Here are just a few tips.

Customize Your Profile.

Many recruiters and HR managers will tell you that if they don’t see you as a match immediately, they move on to the next candidate. Make it is easy for the reader to identify where you will fit in the organization. The opening three to four words should contain a job type or title, such as “Senior Business Analyst.” Also, indicate your expertise in a certain industry or field, such as “12 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.” Next, follow with your top skills, expertise, and experience relating to the target job.

Align Your Core Competencies with the Target Job.

A Core Competencies or Areas of Expertise section is generally an invisible chart containing 9 to 12 key job skills or areas of expertise. Examples of job skills include business development, data analysis, or regulatory compliance. Review sample job postings for guidance in determining which of your competencies to feature on your resume. By showing competencies, the reader can quickly verify you meet the job requirements.

Go beyond the Job Description.

The biggest mistake most candidates make is to detail routine functions. Some even go so far as to copy and paste the job descriptions from former employers. Hiring managers want to know your past accomplishments because that is the best indication of future success.

Provide Necessary Facts.

Share the critical facts employers require, such as names of employers, job titles, employment dates, education, and necessary licenses or certifications. Are you are concerned about sharing certain potentially negative information, such as a company with a bad reputation, lack of education, less-than-revered alma mater, or a career gap? If so, ask me and I would be happy to share suggestions.

Think like a hiring manager and create a resume that demonstrates why you are a top candidate for the opportunity at hand.

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