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Are You a Fit?

Are You a Fit?

That is the number one question the employer or recruiter is thinking when they open your resume. If they cannot determine where you fit in the organization, they will not bother to ask. You will simply be dismissed if they do not immediately see you as a potential fit for a particular role. You can avoid that uncertainly in the reader’s mind by creating a resume focused on your career goal.

How can I communicate that I am a perfect fit?

You must start your resume and your LinkedIn profile with a punch. Carefully-chosen words that describe your top skills, education, and accomplishment related to your specific job goal signal the reader that you are a fit. If the job does not require financial auditing skills and has nothing to do with auditing, you would not highlight your auditing credential. Here’s another example, If you are a PMP with extensive experience in the healthcare industry and you are seeking a job in that precise field, those should be the first words of your resume profile.

What if you have multiple goals?

Multiple goals, especially if they are diverse, require multiple versions of your resume. Each case is different. In many cases you only need to modify the profile and core competencies sections. In situations in which the job goals vary significantly, you may need to re-order some of the other content. Email me if you are struggling with a strategy for your resume for an alternate goal.

Oops! What if you have not defined your goal?

This is like going on weekend mini-vacation and not knowing where to drive. How can you plan your trip or even know what to pack or which road to take? Start with a goal. Break it down step-by-step. What functions would you like to perform? What level of authority do you desire? In what jobs could you best use your skills, experience, and education? If you are stuck and need help with a goal, email me and I can refer you to an experienced career coach.

The Bottom Line:

Write your resume with a goal in mind. This means studying the requirements of your target job and communicating the education, skills, and experience you have to succeed in that job. Start at the top of the resume, including valuable keywords in the profile and core competencies section. Back up those promises with examples of accomplishment to show your past success. If you have more than one goal, chances are you will need more than one version of your resume.

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