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Is Your Job Search Antiquated?

Is Your Job Search Antiquated?

The job search tactics that you used ten or fifteen years ago won’t cut it in today’s job market. The world has changed and to be successful, you must change with it. Examine your habits to determine if these three old school tactics are hindering your job search success.

Waiting for a Recruiter

If you are still sending your resumes to recruiters and waiting for something to happen, your job search is outdated. Today’s market moves fast. You can’t afford to sit and wait for anyone or anything. You must take control of your career and constantly keep yourself in play. In other words: no waiting and no breaks. Keep moving forward until you land the job and lock the deal. Waiting is a waste of time.

Relying on Job Postings

If you are relying on job postings to locate your next opportunity, you are missing more opportunities than you will find. Recruiters and job boards are two excellent elements of your job search campaign. However, these elements are just two of many activities that comprise a smart job search campaign. Devise a strategy that includes networking, research, cold-calling, recruiters, job boards, and social media. A multi-faceted job search campaign maximizes your potential and decreases the length of your job search.

Mailing Resume via Snail Mail

The majority of recruiters and hiring companies prefer to receive your resume electronically…by email or uploaded on their website. The reasons are simple. When an employer receives your resume electronically, they are able to load it in their database. Many employers use an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) system to sort and select suitable candidates. If you submit electronically, it facilitates the loading of your resume into the ATS. Not all ATS are compatible with paper resumes scanned by the company. Besides the practical reasons, paper resumes are outmoded.

Job searching in 2015 is easier than ever. Use the latest techniques to your advantage. If you need help devising your job search strategy, email me. I’d be happy to help you.

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