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Would Employers “Go with the Flo?”

Would Employers “Go with the Flo?”

Do you love the affable, perky Progressive Insurance representative? She’s made an impression through the quirky television and online ads. What kind of impression would Flo make in an initial job interview? There’s solid evidence that Flo is an insurance expert. Would her personality traits boost her to the second interview? What characteristics do hiring employers assess to determine if an applicant is a fit? Let’s look at some of the top traits and guess if the employer will “Go with the Flo” or is it a “No Flo.”

Professional Look

Adecco surveyed 501 employers in 2012 and 75% reported that Millennials frequently failed to dress appropriately for a job interview. This message applies to candidates spanning all generations. Professional attire, hairstyle, make-up, and accessories along with impeccable grooming are imperative.

No Flo!

Flo would need to tone down the make-up and deflate the bouffant hairstyle for the interview. We would hope she would leave the sneakers behind and wear a business pant suit.

Organized & Conscientious

Employers judge candidates favorably who arrive early, come prepared, dress neatly, and pay attention to details during the interview.

Go with the Flo!

Flo’s projects attention to detail. While her style choices are a bit off-setting, she is meticulous. The application of red lip liner alone is worthy of mention. What about how she precisely displays those insurance “boxes?”


According to a survey by Universum Global, confidence is the #1 trait responding employers stated that candidates are missing. They are looking for a candidate who enters the room with her head held high and an arm extended for a handshake.

Go with the Flo!

Flo exudes confides and is not reticent at all about approaching and greeting others. Kudos to Flo for her ability to make a confident and energetic first impression.


Companies want people who can work well with others. Interviewers look for signs of a cooperative personality. Signals include appropriate “give and take” in conversation and open body language.

Go with the Flo!

Flo’s interpersonal skills are very natural. Her body language is open and she is clearly focused on the other person when communicating. She fits in with a wide range of people, ranging from rugged bikers to geeks.


Employers seek employees that are excited to come to work every day and perform enthusiastically. These are employees who are always looking for ways to improve products, service, and operations.

Go with the Flo!

What is Flo, if not passionate? Come on…she wears an “I © Insurance” pin! Her passion for her job is contagious and may be enough to tip the scales in her favor.

Looks like Flo would win the second interview! Examine yourself and how you rate in these personality categories. Perhaps you can identify one or more areas to improve before your next interview. Maybe you can take a lesson or two from Flo.

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