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LinkedIn Tools That I Love & You Will Too


Are you actively job hunting?  Are you feeling happy where you are and eager to take things to the next level with your current employer? Either way, LinkedIn offers resources you should consider. Keeping abreast of top employers in your industry and knowing what skills are in high demand is important whether you plan to stay with your company or move forward to something new. Even with the basic free account, you have access to many worthwhile tools.


LinkedIn Pages

More than 30 million organizations of all types, including start-ups, small businesses, global corporations, and non-profit organizations, are present in the LinkedIn Pages community. Pages is the new iteration of LinkedIn Company Pages.  The community consists of a Pages organization’s leaders, employees, customers, and followers.


What’s in it for you?  Pages is more than a resource to research a target organization; it is a space where you can connect with the employees. You can also notify the recruiters at that organization that you are interested in career opportunities. If you want to keep your intentions under wraps, you can set criteria and you will be alerted by LinkedIn when jobs at your target employer are posted. 


LinkedIn Jobs

Have you clicked on the Jobs tab in LinkedIn lately?  The Jobs function is better than ever. You have access to job descriptions and you see how you measure against a job’s requirements. This may signal to you that it is time to update your LinkedIn skills section with additional skills so that you gain more hits from target employers.


LinkedIn Learning

As you identify required skills on job postings, you may identify a gap or two in your skill set. If you are motivated to build new skills, consider self-paced online courses. One of many resources for online skill building is LinkedIn Learning.


LinkedIn Salary

As you peruse jobs, you can get to the heart of the matter. That’s right, we’re talking pay. Check out the LinkedIn Salary tool and learn the salary by job titles at a target company.


Job Alerts

Job scouts and alerts have been around for decades. LinkedIn offers this too. If you click to follow a company on LinkedIn, you will be prompted to activate job alerts. If you do, you will be alerted when that particular company posts new jobs.


There are hints of new tools and resources planned for release in the near future. If you want to know the latest, use the search terms “What’s new on LinkedIn” and the year to learn about the latest releases.

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