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LinkedIn Profile Photo Assessment


Some people are uneasy about adding a photo on LinkedIn.  Others use ones that may harm their job search.  It’s scientifically supported that your headshot on LinkedIn helps people connect with you.  Avoid unprofessional photos, cartoons, pet pictures, sexy pictures, photos with your pet or child, or anything other than a professional headshot.  It does not have to be a photo taken at a studio.  Phone apps (such as beauty face) create a nice shot. Upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file.  The file size limit is 4 MB and a square photo of yourself, just the head, is best.


How does your current LinkedIn profile photo rate? Take the quiz and find out. 


____ Give yourself 2 points if your photo was taken by a professional photographer.

____ Add 5 points if your photo is a headshot, meaning just your face and shoulders.

____ Subtract 5 points if you are using a webcam shot or a mirror selfie!

____ Add 2 points if you comply with LinkedIn’s technical requirements.

____ Subtract 2 points if you are not facing the camera

____ Subtract 8 points if you are topless, strapless, or in a swim suit.

____ Add 3 points for having a neutral background.

____ Subtract 5 points if you are using a vacation photo or a photo in front of a sports car/boat.

____ Subtract 5 points for including pets, children, and significant others in your photo.

____ Add 3 points for wearing business attire.

____ Add 3 points for natural and flattering make-up.

____ Add 3 points for not wearing a sports cap.

____ If your photo was taken within the last 5 years, add 3 points.

____ TOTAL

Did you score more than 18 points? Great! If you fell short, it might be time to update your photo.  Click here for tips for DIY headshots. 

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