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With more than twenty years of experience developing resumes for re-entry candidates and career changers, we know how to create a strategy to navigate the change. Although this is no longer the focus of our business, we can share some complimentary resources to help you develop your re-entry resume. 




Resume ExamplesEach case is unique based on multiple factors (occupation, industry, experience, and goal). There is no "one resume fits all" approach. If you would like to view examples of reentry resumes , please click here to view fictitious resume examples. These are  examples of a few possible resume strategies and are not all inclusive or appropriate for all reentry candidates.


Resumes for Reentry Video: Are you looking for help to prepare a resume for career reentry after a break? Please follow this link to view our 15-minute video.  Also, check this blog entry with answers to common questions about resumes for reentry. 


Resume Self Assessment App:  It only take a few minutes. You can print suggestions for enhancing your resume. Click here to access the app.



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