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The Scoop on the LinkedIn Premium Accounts


Did you know that your LinkedIn profile may be more important to your career than your resume?  The second someone becomes  aware of you professionally , they are checking your LinkedIn profile.  Your profile is on display at all times.  There are several ways that you can elevate your presence on LinkedIn with the basic service. However, how do you know if a premium plan is right for you?  Which plan should you choose?


There are four categories of premium accounts: Business (for general business users), Sales Professional ( for sales professionals), Recruiter (for enterprise and individual recruiter premium accounts), and Job Seeker (for job seekers).  The names of the categories define the appropriate user for each.   The premium accounts bring added benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • The ability to send InMails to reach anyone on LinkedIn.

  • The opportunity to achieve hundreds of additional search results.

  • The access to view more information about who has viewed your profile.


The amount of additional search criteria drawn from your account and number of InMail credits depends upon which level of premium account you select. Before deciding if you want to spend approximately $20 to $50, compare the benefits.  Each person’s goals for usage will vary.  Consider your goals or usage when you select the tier of service to select.


The premium account is not a silver bullet.  In other words, continue to pay attention to key aspects of your profile that can boost your networking success.  Add a professional photo of your face on your profile, maximize your “Skills & Endorsements” section by selected the skills that are most relevant to your goal, attract new endorsements from credible connections,  join relevant groups, and actively participate in discussions.


Consider upgrading to a premium job seeker account to maximize your overall LinkedIn job search and networking experience.  Like any other purchasing decision, consider the tiers carefully so you select the best level of benefit for your situation. 

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