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Memories of Murphy


Our sweet Murphy passed away on Saturday.  He lived a long and happy life.  In 2002, Pete adopted Murphy from the Burbank Animal Shelter along with his brother Henry. The vet estimated that Murph was 2 to 4 years at that time. So, in dog years Murph was over 100 years old.


Murphy was afraid of most people and animals, so we assume he had a rough start.  Henry was his protector.  Murph loved cuddling with Pete and always had his eyes fixed on the front door when it was time for Pete's evening return.  He also knew the sound of the oven timer and had the sense to position himself to catch any falling crumbs. 


Our cat, Jeb, found his way to our backyard. He and Murphy became friends. Eventually when no owner claimed Jeb, we adopted him.


He loved Christmas morning because he knew there were always extra treats that day. He hated seeing Pete's luggage because he knew his best friend would be away longer than usual.


Murphy was a special friend and we  will miss him.

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