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Apr. 18, 2014

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Career Article 177:
When You Don't Get the Interview

By Tamara Dowling, CPRW

You sent your résumé to 50 recruiters and 12 companies. Two weeks have passed and not even one phone! Job searching requires patience and perseverance. If you did not get the call for an interview, you may ask why. Here are some possible explanations:

  • Sometimes jobs are posted as policy requirement, even though the manager already had a candidate in mind.
  • Many times the postings are created by HR assistants, who are not familiar with the job. Therefore the posting did not reflect the requirements of the actual manager. Therefore, this job was not a match for you.
  • In some markets, you may be up against hundreds of candidates. If the manager only wants to interview 5 candidates, human resources staff has to stop the screening process at some point. Your résumé may not have been read.
  • The company may have decided not to fill the position due to financial changes.
  • Sometimes there are candidates with experience in a particular area that catches the employer’s attention.
  • Your résumé may not be meeting today’s standards. Seek the advice of a certified professional résumé writer. There may be some modifications that can increase your success.

How to improve your success rate:

  • Hire a service to distribute your résumé to thousands of recruiters.
  • Post your résumé on the major job websites.
  • Join
  • Become more active in your professional associations. If you are not a member of an association, join one.
  • Read industry websites and news websites daily, looking for opportunities.
  • Uncover leads in the hidden job market by networking. Let all of your trusted business associates, peers, and family members know you are searching. Be sure they are emailed your current résumé.
  • Contact at least three new companies each day.
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